IT Event 2010

IT Event
Information Technology Day is an event that has the main goal to get people acquainted with possilities of improving life, simplifying programming means, methods and information collection, processing, distribution, representation and use.

Student scientific practical conference XXIII (first stage)

The first stage of the student scientific practical conference XXIII at the department of automated systems software will be held on Tuesday, 21 December 2010 at 14:00 in 1412 (FAE IFNTUNG).
There will be a presentation of De:coded "Intel Application Lab. How to earn on one's own apllication" before the beginning of the conference. The details of the presentation are on the website IT Event.

Welcome to the Automated Systems Software Department

The Automated Systems Software Department at IFNTUNG was founded in 2003 through the reorganization of the applied mathematics department.


Software quality assurance and testing

Quality: how to provide and verify it; necessity of quality culture. Prevention of errors and problems. Check by inspections and reviews. Methods of testing, verification and certification. The quality of process in conjunction with quality of product. Standards of quality. Providing quality of product and process. Statistical approaches to checking quality.

Course plan:
audience studies - 72 hrs.
individual work - 54 hrs.
total - 126 hrs.
semester - 6th
form of control - test.

Component-based software engineering

The purpose of the course is learning component model of programming and methods of development programs based on this model. After learning this course students will be able to use existing components and create their own components. Components of level of presentation for desktop and network applications, components for working with data, components with remote access are considered in this course. Language tools of component programming are separately learned.

Course plan:
audience studies - 108 hrs.
individual work - 144 hrs.
total - 252 hrs.
semester - 7th
yearly project