Scientific student conference 2009

On December 22, 2009 at 14:30 the XXI scientific-practical conference began.
The 2-5-year students of our department took part in the conference.
Presentations of some reports you can view here.

“Sun certification java programmer”

Not so long ago I became a happy owner of this certificate (SCJP 6.0), that's why I would like to share my impressions about preparation to the exam and the process of receiving it.

“Sun certification java programmer” 2

This article is addressed to those people who would like to receive a certificate of international importance that is recognized by many companies.
Many people that I've spoken to, believe that our education is not ideal and needs changes. Lately there has been a positive tendency. In order to keep it growing we need to add to it.
That is why I would like to tell about my thoughts on this topic. Students have many possibilities in our educational process especially students of programming departments. Together with instructors they can introduce changes.