3_0.jpgHead of the department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor.

Yurchyshyn Volodymyr Mykolaiovych was born on September 7, 1946 in the city of Yerevan (Armenia). In 1948 together with parents moved to Kalush (in Ivano-Frankivsk region).

In 1964 finished Kalush Secondary School № 1 with honours and entered Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Oil and Gas; in 1969 graduated from the university with qualification “Automation and complex mechanization of chemical technological processes”.

After graduating from the institute went to work at Kalush subsidiary VNDIHalurhii on the post of junior and senior research worker.

In 1971 Yurchyshyn V.M. entered post-graduate full-time studies at the department “Mathematical modelling and optimization of chemical-technological processes” of Leninhrad Technological institute; graduated from it in 1974 and presented his thesis of PhD “Mathematical modelling of polymineral potassium ores dissolution in Precarpathian region”. After post-graduate studies, Yurchyshyn V.M. went to work at Kalush subsidiary VNDIHalurhii, mathematical modelling sector.

In 1977 Yurchyshyn V.M. started work at Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas Institute,applied sciences department as a senior lecturer, later associate professor. In 1981 he got the title of associate professor. He worked as a deputy dean of automation and economics department, dean of the evening faculty.

In 1993 Yurchyshyn V.M. was chosen as a head of the applied mathematics department that was renamed into the Automated Systems Software department in 2004. At present Yurchyshyn V.M. is heading the automated systems software department and the department of automation and computer sciences. He prepared his thesis:"Scientific and methodological basis for technological solutions in enhancing the development of petroleum deposits" for the doctor of engineering sciences degree. He has more than 60 Має понад 60 publications, 3 certificates of invention and 3 textbooks. His research work is connected with the use of category theory in oil and gas subject area, development of intelectual information systems. The following expert systems were developed under the supervision of Yurchyshyn V.M.: “Соlector”, “Poklad”, “Plast”, “Nafta”. These systems are introducted in oil and gas enterprises and in educational process of Ivano-Frankivsk national technical university of oil and gas.

In 2006 presented his doctor's thesis: “Scientific bases of information technologies Management of petroleum deposits”.


The title of professor of the Automated Software systems Department has been given to Yurchyshyn V.M. by the Certifying Board decision as of 23 December 2008, protocol №6/01 – П.


The list of publications

In periodicals listed by HAC

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In Proceedings of scientific and technical conferences

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