The department of applied mathematics was founded in 1972.

The development of scientific-technical process and computer science, theory of algorithms, programming methods, numerical methods of mathematics demanded more efforts for creating an individual department for solving the issues of improving the educational process in oil and gas industry using computers in engineering calculations.

The fundamental principle of founding the department of applied mathematics was the section of instructors at the department of Automated Control of Technological Processes who taught the courses of computer science and programming.

According to the competition, associate professor, Krykun Z.M. became the head of the department, who lead the department until 1983. The department had the following instructor's stuff: senior instructors Kukurudz S.F. and Ibragimov B.A., assistant-workers Nykolaychuk Y.M. and Shyrmovskyi H.Y., the department's engineer Petriv I.I. The IT centre that became a separate branch in the university, had been created on the basis of the department.

The associate professor Kukurudz S.F. headed the department from 1983 till 1993. Under his supervision the instructor's stuff worked on teaching materials, completely updated the departments' workbooks. They prepared a textbook (by the professor Krykun Z.M.), 4 manuals (by the professor Yurchyshyn V.M., associate professor Kukurudz S.F.). Since 1993 the deparment has been headed by the professor Yurchyshyn V.M. Today there are 24 instructors and 7 assistant-workers at the department.

The dynamic change of computer engineering needs constant systematization of curriculum and intensive creation of workbooks. For the last ten years the instructors of the department wrote over 20 workbooks as for using the applications on modern personal computers. For the last 5 years the department changed the personal computers generation from "Elektronika", “Iskra”, IBM 286, 386, 486 to Pentium. In 1994 the department began the preparation of engineers major in "Automated Systems Software Department" on the basis of first and second higher education. They are training the computer maintenance workers on the basis of secondary education.

In September 2001 the department of applied mathematics licensed the specialty "Automated Systems Software Department" with qualification in "Computer Science".

In 2001 the first course of students began studies majoring in "Automated Systems Software Department" with qualification in "Computer Science". In 2003 the department has been divided into two new departments: Automated Systems Software Department headed by the professor, D.E.Sc. Yurchyshyn V.M., and the department of information technology, headed by the professor, D.E.Sc. Tymkiv D.F.
Since 2003 after accreditation, the department trained bachelors and specialists majoring in Automated Systems Software. According to the protocol № 61 of the state accreditation commission as of June 22 2006, 50 full time and 20 part time positions majoring in 7.080403 "Automated Systems Software" were accredited.
In 2006 the Automated Systems Software Department had the first graduates with qualification in "Computer Science".
In 2007 the department licensed master’s degree majoring in "Automated Systems Software Department".
The year 2008 was an anniversary of cooperation between the Automated Systems Software Department and the institute of second higher education that provides retraining of specialists in "Computer Science". Hundredth graduate got the diploma of second higher education with qualification of software engineer in 2008.
In 2008 the graduates first got master’s degree in "Automated Systems Software Department".
Today there are 9 instructors among them 1 Doctor of Engineering and professor; 4 candidates of science, associate professors and 4 assistant-workers. 9 more co-workers hold two or more offices, among them 1 Doctor of Engineering and professor; 5 candidates of science, associate professors and 3 assistant-workers.
The department’s stuff organizes lectures, practicals, labs and individual work on specialty and generally technical disciplines in the area of programming and information technology. Students get basic knowledge in operating systems, algorithmic programming languages, methods of construction and development of applications, instrumental means of programming etc.
Moreover 4th and 5th year students have practice in modern programming technologies at leading software engineering companies in particular such famous ones as ELEKS and SoftServe.
Students study such professional disciplines as database and expert systems design, software development technology, programming in С++, Java, Microsoft programming technologies, such development technologies as С#, .NET, methods and means of network Web-applications development, technologies of mobile applications development and also disciplines in special sections of mathematics such as optimization techniques, abstract algebra, decision theory, category theory.
Today all the disciplines of the department have electronic variants of lectures, practicals and labs, tests, which are available for users in local and global network. The department has an official website. New courses are constantly developed; practicals and labs are improved according to modern computer science.

The main activities of the department include:

  • Providing the relevance of curriculum with market demands and tendencies in information technology
  • Development and introduction of modern educational techniques
  • Focus of educational process on the latest information and software technologies
  • Combination of educational process with the practice at leading software engineering companies in Ukraine and in the world.

Research work of the department helps to direct future graduates on individual and creative work for successful professional solutions. Students cooperate with instructors and get practical skills and basis for the future profession. The department encourages individual creative ideas and expands cooperation between the students and instructors.

The main directions of the research work include:

  • Development of intellectual information systems on data and knowledge bases;
  • Research and implementation of methods and means of abstract programming theory;
  • Development of complex automation systems and information supply for oil extracting and refining industry;
  • Research of mathematics theories that constitute the basis of modern information technology;;
  • Development of information systems and technologies for oil and gas subject area.

Traditions and achievements of the department, combination of experience of older generation and energy of the young instructors, up-to-date educational workbooks and materials are the guarantee of effective and optimistic work in the future.