The Automated Systems Software Department at IFNTUNG was founded in 2003 through the reorganization of the applied mathematics department.


The founder and the head of the department is Yurchyshyn Volodymyr Mykolaiovych, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, professor, dean of the Automation and Computer Sciences Faculty.
The department actively does research work and trains higher qualification students. The automated systems software department is constantly developing: the subjects are modified according to the information technology growth, the amount of students and instructors is increasing.

The department is licenced to accept 50 full time and 20 part time students.
The training process is performed by 24 instructors: 2 professors, 11 associate professors and 11 assistants. Support staff provides educational process. The departmnet has 27 assistant-workers.

After four years of studies students obtain bachelor's degree in computer science. 5th year graduates get the qualification of software engineer. Students who do research work, continue studies and obtain master's degree.

On the first years of studies students of "Software engineering" specialty learn general subjects and start special training in the following subjects:

  • Computer discrete mathematics;
  • Discrete structures;
  • Empirical methods of software engineering;
  • Fundamentals of programming;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Algorithms and data structures;
  • Software development;
  • Architecture and software design;
  • Computer Architecture;
  • Analysis of software requirements;
  • Simulation software;
  • Computer networks;
  • Operation systems;
  • Group dynamics and communication;
  • Introduction to software engineering;
  • Databases;
  • Man-machine interface;
  • Software quality assurance and testing;
  • Applications and data safety;
  • Professional Software Engineering Practice;
  • Project training session;
  • Software Project Management.

Graduates of the department obtain different positions among them:

  • software engineer;
  • software tester;
  • software developer;
  • system programmer;
  • database administrator;
  • computer network administrator;
  • computer sales manager;
  • instructor(computer science, programming).

Research trends:

  • The intelligent information system development for oil and gas domain;
  • Research of the predicate queries concepts on constraints basis;
  • ЗD graphic system and java web application development;
  • Intelligent technologies in higher establishment management;
  • Modern education methods development and introduction.

Research work of the department helps to direct future graduates on individual and creative work for successful professional solutions. Students cooperate with instructors and get practical skills and basis for the future profession. The department encourages individual creative ideas and expands cooperation between the students and instructors.

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