This article is addressed to those people who would like to receive a certificate of international importance that is recognized by many companies.
Many people that I've spoken to, believe that our education is not ideal and needs changes. Lately there has been a positive tendency. In order to keep it growing we need to add to it.
That is why I would like to tell about my thoughts on this topic. Students have many possibilities in our educational process especially students of programming departments. Together with instructors they can introduce changes.
This is the way how students of the previous course PZ-05 did who prepared to get the certificate from Sun Microsystems together with the instructor Ishcheriakov Serhii Mychailovych. In September two of them successfully passed the exam in Lviv certification center.
Many other students from the university followed them the same month. And in September Serhii Mychailovych gathered new groups to prepare for the certification. Classes were held during 4-6 months (some had more classes others - less). We systematically studied necessary material and had trial tests. Of course we had to sacrifice our holidays and free time.
When we passed the 2 exam and started to prepare individually, we registered on the website and got vouchers (students got 40$). In the middle of February I successfully passed the exam. Except me 3 other students passed it either. Still other students had problems with registering because the company Sun Microsystems joined Oracle. However till the end of March all misunderstandings were over and beginning of April many students got vouchers. They finish preparing to pass the exam. I'm sure that many of them will pass it since they persistently prepared to it.
I would like to wish you good results and energetic work. By practicing more you'll get what you need.
Best wishes Yurchuk Andrii, the student of PZ-06-02.